One of the most intriguing areas of study to provide evidence that there is more to existence than what we see is reincarnation studies. Basically, researchers find kids who claim that they were one person in the past, then see if that kid is capable of knowing seemingly unknowable details of the people they claimed to have been in the past. There is a department at University of Virginia dedicated to studying these things: link A lot of really smart people have spent decades researching it and have shown evidence of hundreds of cases of children knowing things about a certain past person that they should not. The chances of a kid guessing these things are statistically near impossible (one case I read was about a kid knowing about sexual problems with his former wife!). Another fascinating study into the subject was the viral video In Another Life: Reincarnation in America. Here is a link to more of the author’s content on how he tried to show why he believes that he is basically completely confident that he is the reincarnation of a past man.

Now, we have to be skeptical of these claims. Being reasonable people means that we have to look at extraordinary claims with a rational eye. I searched hard and wide for skeptics trying to disprove all of these cases and the best I could find were skeptics who basically said: The researchers were mistaken or hoodwinked or the kids got a lucky guess. The end. The problem with reincarnation studies is that they’re inherently reliant on he said-she said. It’s not like telekinesis where you could see a spoon being bent. You’re relying on the researchers to have done their homework and done their research right. It’s super easy for any skeptic to make up a reason why they think the study went wrong because of how imprecise the whole thing is (relying on the testimony of children is not the picture perfect case of science). No matter how good a theoretical reincarnation study is, there is always an easy out for the doubters. However, just because the science relies on a lot of testimony and unscientific things, doesn’t mean that we can just dismiss all of the studies. The fact is that these researchers have been reporting strange things, and while it is not proof of life after death, it is evidence.

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